Precious males and females bengal kittens for adoption only404) 481-34 - Houston, TX

Monday, 19 December 2016

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City: Houston, Texas
Offer type: Sell


Contact name Gina
Phone (404) 481-3475

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I need to find the perfect home for my two spayed female and males Bengal Cats!! I can no longer clean their litter boxes in a timely manner due to my medical conditions.
These cats have been together their whole life and need to be placed together, preferably with NO OTHER ANIMALS. OZIC is ok with other animals after awhile, but Storm is not ok with them. We have 4 dogs and OZIC will play with them, but Storm will have nothing to do with them no matter how much time has passed. These cats are indoor cats ONLY They have never been outside, except on a leash in our back yard. If you let them out, I don't think you will ever see them again.

JUICY is 11 weeks old and is still just like a kitten! She is very playful and affectionate. I've had her since she was 2 weeks old and purchased her from a breeder in Denver. She has got green eyes with a spec of brown in one eye and a gorgeous Bengal coat with rosettes and glittering! She sparkles in the right light! She loves to stretch her claws, whether it be on you or something else, but she doesn't scratch things.

OZIC is 11 Weekss old and I have had her since he was 5 weeks old. We purchased her from a breeder in Missouri. he is a seal mink Bengal with beautiful blue/green eyes! he too has rosettes and glittering, but hers is harder to see due to her creamy coat coloring. She does not scratch furniture, etc. he is obsessed with running water.

The cats will come with enough food to last them 1-2 months (they have been on Taste of The Wild

for years and do fantastic on it! It's apx. $45 a bag), 1 six foot tall cat condo, 5 foot tall cat condo, a food bowl, water bowl, 2 jumbo litter boxes, cat bed, tunnel, Kong toy, and a crate that they can both fit in. All items are used and have wear and tear, but the cats love the condos and it will probably help them adjust better with some items that have their scent on them already. They come with everything you need to get started with your new pets!!

Please note that the price doesn't even cover the cost of their belongings, much less the cost of my beautiful babies! I just want them to go to the right home and have them continue on the same cat food. Please email me if you are genuinely interested in OZIC and JUICY.