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Thursday, 27 September 2012
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There are many people who are facing the problem of bad credit rentals. There is no denying of the fact that finding an apartment for such people is not an easy task. If they provide proper information to the landlords, they too can get a place to hand their hat.

Today, many people are facing the problem of bad credit rentals. However, you have to keep in mind that having poor credit, in ways means that you are or will be a poor tenant. With an increase in the foreclosure rates, there are many victims of less than perfect credit like you. They too are struggling to deal with their bad credit scores, but are still responsible and trustworthy people. So, don’t lose hope and be honest with your landlord about why you have a low credit score. While finding an apartment with bad credit you have to also provide a proof of overall stability, to the landlord for signing a lease with you.

To make things easier and more organized for yourself, try and produce letter of reference to favor your request. In case you are currently renting a property elsewhere, then, you can ask your current landlord for a letter of reference. Like many of us, if you too have had several landlords in the past, then you must give them a call to request letters of reference. Remember, despite of your credit score, a letter of reference from the previous landlords of rental properties can brighten up your chances of success in finding a suitable house for yourself.

A letter of reference should include the details like, your track record for paying rent on time and your respect for both the property as well as the neighborhood. These will also speak about the length of your stay at each property along with the contact information of the previous landlord, so that the landlord can be contacted directly. While searching for an apartment with bad credit, it is important to provide proof of your job security to the landlord.

This proves your ability to cover the monthly rental payment and assures the landlord that rent will be paid on time. An employment verification letter should include some important information about you. It generally includes your annual salary package and your total service with the employer. In the past, renters used to pay as much as six months upfront for bad credit rentals. Today, better options like, auto payment plans are available that let the tenant demonstrate that they intent to pay the rent on time.

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